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藍天白雲棉 Puffy clouds in blue sky / 香港夏日全景之


Since the dawn of civilisation, humans look upon the heavens and are in awe of its ever-changing patterns. Although completely abstract in configuration, it never ceases to amaze. Exactly what it is that makes these puffy clouds so delightful to see?

So I started to use a telephoto lens to do panoramic shots of these sceneries. Yes, if you use a wide-angle lens you could very possibly capture the same moment and then crop out the sky — but you see, when you crop a digital image, you lose all the details and subtleties in the abstract painting, and all you are left with are pixels in white and blue. And in this panorama stitched using 18 RAW captures, you get instead an image which can be printed with all the resolution in its glory.

Across social media networks, be it Facebook, Google Plus, or the recent rather unfortunate redesign of Flickr, there is an increasing need for some imageries which extend a very wide field of view. Call it a banner or cover photo if you will, and based on analytics reports I was surprised to find my panoramas making their ways to blogs as banner images. Well here is another one for you… though I did not really see my photography as part of a background image, for the sake of Creative Commons, at least that would be a possible use…

I decided to use the 70-200 f/4L for this after noting that it was mostly sitting ducks ever since I bought the 100-400 — and without a doubt, the vaccuum-pump action on the 100-400 does not keep a very nice steady hand.

# SML Data
+ Date: 2013-08-06T15:09:56+0800
+ Dimensions: 29398 x 4024
+ Exposure: 1/800 sec at f/8.0
+ Focal Length: 200 mm
+ ISO: 100
+ Flash: Did not fire
+ Camera: Canon EOS 6D
+ Lens: Canon EF 70-200 f/4L USM
+ Panorama FOV: 61 degree horizontal, 12 degree vertical
+ Panoramic Projection: Spherical
+ GPS: 22°25’10” N 114°13’26” E
+ Location: SML Universe HKG (Vista Paradiso, Ma On
Shan, Hong Kong)
+ Workflow: Autopano Giga 3, Lightroom 5
+ Serial: SML.20130806.6D.25010-

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